Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Small Impact Writers' had a wee get together on Thursday 15th December in the New Grange Hotel Navan.
While they sat at table waiting for their meal to be served one of the ladies present asked "what do you think our next project should be?" One of the men present answered " I think we should write something about the Septic Tank charges ".
Oh that's a great idea and what word rhymes with tank ", she replied. There was an instantaneous outburst of uncontrolable laughter from the group.  I bit my lip and suggested, Yank, someone else said crank and Pat was heard to say bank, this set the tone for the evening and the stories began to flow and a great night was enjoyed by all.

Who said the crack was 90 in the Isle of Man, hear this the crack was 99.9 in the New Grange.  Up ye boy ye.

Pictured above L/R: Back John Doyle, Ann Ritter, Kieran Murray, Sean Reilly, Pat McConnon,
Front: Edel Gillick, Jim Byrne, Paul Murphy of Drogheda Homeless Aid, Mossie Forde and Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.

Jim Byrne presented Paul Murphy with a cheque for €1800 proceeds from the sale of the groups 2012 Calendar for Drogheda Homeless Aid.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Wear a Poppy?

I attended the commemorative day readings for Armistice Day on 11th November in Navan library. 
The event began at the 11th hour with Ernest McBride leading prayers for the fallen. Then a silence was observed and the Last Post was played by Sean Lynch. Tom French was Master of  Ceremonies and read some of his favourite poems specially for the occasion.

A letter from the front dated 15th July 1917 was read out.  The letter was from,

Rifleman John O'Brien 393631
1/9 London Regiment
Q. V. Rifles B Company
5 Platoon B.E.F. France.
Who came from Johnstown, Navan.

There was a lot of poems read from WW1 and Edel Gillick read a poem of her own specially written for the occasion and Frank Murphy read a war poem he wrote from a time he spent somewhere in the  Middle East.
Other readers were: Jim Byrne, Sean Reilly, Willie Hodgins, Tom French, Mollie Kane, Seamus Smyth, Jim O'Brien and others whose names I don't know apologies to them all.

I read three pieces myself, a piece of fiction by Mark Twain titled The War Prayer, which he wrote in 1904 based on the USA/ Philippines War and two poems which I reproduce here.

The first poem, Why Wear a Poppy, by:  Unknown Poet. The poem was found in a house in Wales which was being renovated in 1962.

Why Wear a Poppy?

" Please wear a Poppy ", the lady said
And held one forth, but I shook my head.
Then I stopped and watched to see how she would fare-
Her face was old and lined with care,
But beneath the scars that the years had made
There remained a smile that refused to fade.

A boy came whistling down the street,
Bouncing along on carefree feet.
His smile was full of joy and fun,
" Lady ", he said, " may I have one? "
As she pinned it on I heard him say
" Why do we wear a Poppy today? "

The lady smiled in her wistful way
And answered, " This is remembrance Day.
The Poppy there is a symbol for
The gallant men who died in war,
And because they did, you and I are free.
That's why we wear a Poppy, you see! "

I had a boy about your size,
With golden hair and big blue eyes.
He loved to play, and jump and shout-
Free as a bird he would race about.
As years went on he learned and grew
And became a man as you will too ".

" He was fine and strong with a boyish smile,
But he seemed with us just a little while.
When war broke out he went away-
I still remember his face that day,
When he smiled at me and said,  Goodbye-
I'll be back soon, so please don't cry ".

But the war went on and he had to stay-
All I could do was wait and pray.
His letters told of the awful fight-
I can still see it in my dreams at night.
With tanks and guns and cruel barbed wire,
And mines and bullets, the bombs and fire ".

" Until at last the war was won,
And that's why we wear a Poppy, son ".
The small boy turned as if to go
Then said, " Thanks lady, I'm glad to know.
That sure did sound like an awful fight,
But your son- did he come home alright? "
A tear rolled down each faded cheek-
She shook her head but didn't speak.
I slunk away- head bowed in shame
And if you were with me , you'd have done the same.
For our thanks in giving is oft delayed,
Though our freedom was bought and thousands paid.

And so you see- when a Poppy is worn,
Let us reflect on the burden borne
By all those who gave their very all
When asked to answer their Country's call.
That we at home in peace may live-
Then wear a Poppy- remember- and give!


They ask me where I've been,
And what I've done and seen,
But what can I reply
Who know it wasn't I,
But someone just like me,
Who went across the sea
And with my head and hands
Killed men in foreign lands...
Though I must bear the blame
Because he bore my name.

By: Wilfred Gibson. (18 78- 1962)


Top left  Willie Hodgins.
Top right Seamus Smyth.

Left Mollie Kane
Right Frank Murphy.

Sean Lynch playing The Last Post.
There was builders working in a room next to the library and just as Sean was nearing the end of his playing they started up a drill hence the noise at the end.

Group photo.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doggone! by Kieran Murray

Kieran Murray, reading his poem Doggone!, at the Solstice Art Centre, Railway St, Navan 5th October 2011.
Kieran, is a member of the Small Impact Writers' and is the author of three collections of poetry: The Vigil, Summer Solstice and Over The Rainbow. He lives in Kilmessan, near the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath.

The Vigil I believe is sold out, Summer Solstice can be bought in Easons, Navan Shopping Centre, and over the Rainbow can be bought from Kieran himself.

Click photo to enlarge.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Jay Rice, is the newest member to join the Small Impact Writers' group. Here he is making a BIG IMPACT! on the audience in the Solstice Art Centre, the night the group  launched their 2012 Calendar in aid of the Drogheda Homeless Aid, when he sang Everybody Hurts. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lonesome Cry

Christopher R. Azzie, reading his poem ( Lonesome Cry ) at the launch of the Small Impact Writers' 2012 Calendar in aid of the Drogheda Homeless Shelter.

Christopher  was born in South Africa in 1971 and moved to Ireland a number of years ago where he lived in Robinstown Co. Meath before recently moving to Navan. He writes mainly poetry in which he conveys a strong belief in Equality and Human Rights for all people.  He has also championed the rights of animals and is  the Author of, Hidden Dreams, a collection of poetry.

Homeless by Noel Mc Enerney.

Noel McEnerney, reading his poem  ( Homeless ) at the Solstice Art Centre, 5th October 2011.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dan O'Hara

Sean Reilly, singing a song our father's loved and indeed our grandfathers and we mustn't forget the granny's. This song was a hit in 1864. And Sean Reilly made it a hit in the Solstice Art Centre on the night of  5th October 2011 when the Small Impact Writers' launched their 2012 calendar in aid of the Homeless.

Sean can be heard singing, My Lagan Love, further down on this blog, just scroll the pages below.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sean Reilly, reading his poem,  (Homeless No More) at the launch of the Small Impact Writers' 2012 Calendar.  Sean comes from Bohermeen and is proud to say so, he's steeped in the life and lore of that special place.  He is a founding member of the Small Impact Writers' Group and a mighty fine singer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wherever I lay my hat, by Jay Rice. Read at the Solstice Art Centre, Railway St , Navan, CO. Meath 
5th October 2011.


Monday, October 17, 2011


Patrich McConnon, reading his poem Cuckoo, at the Solstice Art Centre, on  the night the Small Impact Writers' launched their 2012 Calendar.  Pat is mostly a short story writer but has a number of poems as well and hopes to publish a collection soon.  He is also a bit of a comedian and never fails to entertain the group at our meetings.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Louisa Correia-Gillick, aged eleven, reading her poem The Journey, at the launch of the Small Impact Writers' 2012 Calendar in aid of the Drogheda Homeless Aid Association at the Solstice Art Centre, Navan on 5th October 2011. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Pictured above L/R: Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils, Dominic Hannigan TD for Meath East and presidential candidate Michael D Higgins.

When presidential candidate Michael D. Higgins, visited Navan, on Tuesday 11 October I presented him with a 2012 Calendar which was published a week earlier by the Small Impact Writers' to raise funds for the Drogheda Homeless Aid.

I told Michael D, that I hope to see the calendar hanging in the Aras when I visit there.

Navan Mayor CLLR Anton McCabe, accompanying Michael D. Higgins on his tour of Navan, with Meath East, TD Dominic Hannigan in the background.

Michael " The Sheriff Sheils " and Michael D. Higgins, with Dominic Hannigan TD keeping an eye on things.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some of the readings from the night the Small Impact Writers'
launched their 2012 Calendar.

Ann Ritter, above reading her poem, Nobody's Neighbour.
Ann was born in Dublin, but now lives in Navan. She has been a member of the Small Impact Writers' Group for three years. She has lived  for several years in Germany, Japan and Australia. Ann writes mostly poetry but has a number of short story's to her credit. She had a story titled ( That Devil Called Love ) published last year in a antology written by the group titled Hidden Depths. 

Edel Gillick, is a story teller and writer.  She is the author of The Boy That Fell Down the Well, a childrens book highlighting the social problem of bullying and racism but in a genre suitable for children. She also facilitates creative writing classes for adults. 

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils. Enough said.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I had a very pleasant evening in Trim Library, last Thursday 6th October, when over twenty local writers' turned up to celebrate All Ireland Poetry Day.
Tom French, and Tommy Murray, kept things running smoothly.
I was out canvassing all that afternoon and when I came home, I put my camera battery on to charge in preparation hoping to get a few shots.
I arrived in the library with my camera on my belt only to discover that I forgot to install the battery.

I read three poems from my school days.  I thought I'd reproduce them here.

Oh in case I forget! vote Michael D. Higgins for president.

A Ballad of Athlone

Does any man dream that a Gael can fear?
Of a thousand deeds let him learn but one!
The Shannon swept onward, broad and clear,
Between the leaguers and broad Athlone.

' Break down the bridge! ' Six warriors rushed
Through the storm of shot and the storm of shell:
With late but certain victory flushed,
The grim Dutch gunners eyed them well.

They wrenched at the planks ' mid a hail of fire:
They fell in death, their work half done:
The bridge stood fast; and nigh and nigher
The foe swarmed darkly, densely on.

' Oh who for Erin will strike a stroke?
Who hurl yon planks where the waters roar?'
Six warriers forth from their comrades broke,
And flung them upon that bridge once more.

Again at the rocking planks they dashed;
And four dropped dead; and two remained:
The huge beams groaned and the arch down-
Two stalwart swimmers the margin gained.

St Ruth in his stirrups stood up and cried:
' I have seen no deed like that in France! '
With a toss of his head, Sarsfield replied,
' They had luck, the dogs! 'Twas a merry chance! '

Oh, many a year upon Shannon's side
They sang upon moor and they sang upon heath
Of the twain that had breasted the raging tide,
And the ten that shook bloody hands with death!
                                                         Aubrey de Vere.

The Presence of God

I see his blood upon the rose,
And in the stars the glory of his eyes:
His body gleams amid eternal snows,
His tears fall from the skies.

I see his face in every flower;
The thunder, and the singing of the birds
Are but his voice; and, carven by his power,
Rocks are his written words.

All pathways by his feet are worn;
His strong heart stirs the ever-beating sea;
His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn;
His cross is every tree.
                                         Joseph Mary Plunkett.

My Land

She is a rich and rare land,
Oh she's a fresh and fair land;
She is a dear and rare land,
This native land of mine.

No men than hers are braver,
Her women's hearts ne'er waver;
I'd freely die to save her,
And think my lot divine.

She's not a dull or cold land,
No, she's a warm and bold land,
Oh, she's a true and old land,
This native land of mine.

Could beauty ever guard her,
And virtue still reward her,
No foe would cross her border-
No friend within it pine.

Oh, she's a fresh and fair land,
Oh, she's a true and rare land;
Yes she's a rare and fair land,
This native land of mine.
                                Thomas Davis.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Poem on cover can be read below left.

In Return
by Jimmy Byrne

I was

I was
A stranger,
And you took me in.

Now I am

As long as
You did it
To one of these...
You did it to me.

We should be
Towards each other.

It is giving
That we receive
A blessing
In return.

Navan Writer's Group, ( The Small Impact Writers' ), had a very successful launch of their 2012 Calendar in the Solstice Art Centre, Railway Street, Navan, last Thursday 5th October.
Meath GAA personality Sean Boylan who was to launch the calendar was unable to attend. 
Lordmayor Anton McCabe was away at a conference and Councillor Joe Reilly came to the rescue.

The calendar was printed by Costello Print in Navan and Navan Town Council sponsored the project.

Edel Gillick and Jimmy Byrne of the writers group, introduced the members who read their own contributions from the calendar. John Doyle Photography enriched each contribution with his photos depicting the many facets of homelessness in our times.

Paul Murphy, of Drogheda Homeless Aid thanked the writers' group for their help and generosity towards the Drogheda Homeless Aid's hostel at North Strand, Drogheda.

Sean Reilly, Jay Rill and Caroline Reel of the Writers' Group delighted the audience with their singing.
I videoed some of the members reading and singing and hope to post a few vids over the next few days.

There is a second launch of the calendar planned for Thursday 20th October at 5.30pm in the Highlane's Art Gallery Drogheda.          

The Calendar can be bought in Supervalue Johnstown Shopping Centre price €5  

L/R: Edel Gillick, Louisa Gillick, Sean Reilly, Noel McInerney,Ciara ? Drogheda Homeless Aid, Kieran Murray, Jay Rill, Niamh ? Drogheda Homeless Aid, Jim Byrne, Christopher Azzie, Pat McConnon, Ann Ritter, Michael Sheils, John Doyle and
in Front Mossie Forde.       

                                                                    John Doyle.   

                                                   Paul Murphy, Drogheda Homeless Centre

Jim Byrne.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Michael D. Higgins

On the Campaign Trail

Pictured above L/R: Dan Effe, Councillor Jenny McHugh, Noel Smyth, Joe O'Rourke, Jimmy O'Brien, Michael Sheils, Brian Flanagan and Ger Gibbins.     Click photos to enlarge.

Vote Michael D. Higgins No 1.  He has given a lifetime of public service and has a track record  as a consistent advocate for a more inclusive and equal society which supports the rights and participation of all our people.  He also has  extensive international experience and if elected President will work vigorously to enhance our citizenship at home and our reputation abroad.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Golden Years

From next week local television station P5TV are presenting a new series titled The Golden Years. The programme will feature 25 interviews with people from the Navan area talking about the town from 1920 to the present day. The programme will run for 25 weeks with a different person featured each week. For those who can't get the local station via  television just  CLICK HERE each programme will run for a week repeated every three hours.  First person featured will be yours truly, so don't say you haven't been warned.

Monday, September 26, 2011


The Navan Writer's Group ( Small Impact Writer's ) are launching a calendar for year 2012 in aid of the Homeless Center in Drogheda.  The calendar features poems written by members of the group to the theme of Homeless.

The launch will take place in the Solstice Art Center, Navan, on 5th of October 2011 by legendary Meath  Man Sean Boylan at 7pm.  All are welcome.  It will also be on sale in both Navan and Johnstown Shopping Centers on Saturday 8th.

There will be a further launch by Lord Mayor Paul Bell of Drogheda, on Thursday 20 October in Newlane Art Gallery, Drogheda at 7-30pm.

Price of calendar €5.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Killeen Castle

Congratulations to John Donohoe ( Meath Chronicle Fame ) on the publication of his book The Killeen Castle Story, which was launchen at Killeen Castle Friday 16th September by Eoin Holmes the cathaoirleach of Meath County Council.  Price €10

For more information CLICK HERE

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Tommy Murray reading at the Walled Town Festival in Trim on August 21/2011.
With James Linnane holding the mic.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Tommy Murray, reading his poem CULVERT from his book COUNTING STAINED GLASS WINDOWS at a meeting of the Meath Writer's Circle in the Castle Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath 25 Aug 2011.

For Tommy's Blog CLICK HERE 


Willie Hodgins reading one of his many Birthday cards, in the Castle Hotel Trim 25 August 2011.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Congratulations to Noel French who organised the Trim Walled Festival on Sundal last.
Members of the Boyne Writers' and the Meath Writers' Circle read poems and short stories on the day.
Pictured below are some of those who took part. 

                 Click photo to enlarge.

  From left above: James Linnane telling the boy's about his favourite guard dog, Michael Farry, with hands in pockets,Paul Kerr, not sure whether to cry or laugh,Tommy Murray and the man with the whistle Paddy Smith.
Missing from photo the photographer myself and maybe it's just as well.
Enough said.

Orla Fay of The Boyne Writers' the only lady to turn up for the readings.

Visit Orla's Blog  HERE

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I sat in the back of a Suzuki Swift car on Market St, Trim, yesterday afternoon reading from Jonathan Swift's, Gulliver's Travels. Two American ladies sat in the back seat with me listening and paid €2 each for the privilege.  So intrigued were they with my reading that they invited me to next years New York St Patricks Day Parade. 
Michael Farry, sat in the driving seat, under instructions from Paddy Smith that I was to read every word and page allotted to me.  Michael Regan sat in the front passenger seat, I didn't quite know why thought perhaps he was just feeling a bit tired or wanted to get out of the sun or maybe he just wanted to be brought back to his childhood once more.  When I was finished reading Paddy enquired from Michael Farry if I had read all three pages Michael agreed that I did.  He then asked Michael Regan if I got all the big words right, Michael hesitated for a few moments and then uttered I....I.. think he did.  So on Michael Regans word Paddy decided to give me a certificate.

As I walked down the street towards my car with Michael Regan, he said " you know the boys are worried about tomorrow's Battle they think Murray is going to do it again.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Luck Lads

Good luck to the Meath Writer' Circle in Trim tomorrow at the Battle of the Books where they are expected to retain the title.

The Team members are: Tommy Murray, leader, Frank Murphy, Mark Doyle and Sean Reilly.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Anto and Jimbo.

Labour Councillor Anton Mc Cabe was selected by the council to be it's new Lord Mayor when outgoing Lord Mayor, independent Councillor Phil Brennan reached the end of his term in office.
The meeting was attended by a large number of Anton's supporters and family.
A function was held afterwards in the Back Room of the Lantern on Watergate Street.

Anto can be seen below just after receiving his chain of office and below that Jim O'Brien ( Jimbo ) can be seen rallying the troops in the Back Room of the Lantern.

Anton McCabe, ( Labour Party) Lord Mayor of Navan and to his right Councillor Joe Reilly,( Sinn Fein) deputy Lord Mayor.

Anto and Jimbo on video.

Click to enlarge and twice for full screen.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Pictured above, Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils, reading his poem ( Flow Forever ) 


Anton McCabe performing his first official function as Navan's Lord Mayor when he opened an exhibition by the Meath Arts Group in Navan Library 23 June with Jim O'Brien Master of Ceremonies keeping a watchful eye. The exhibition is being held until 1st July 2011.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Meath Arts Group, are holding their Exhibition in Navan Library, from 21st June until Friday 1st July in conjunction with the Solstice Festival. The exhibition will be officially opened by Navan's new Lord Mayor CLLR Anton McCabe, Labour Party on Thursday 23rd June at 7pm in the library. 
Events will be happening in a number of venues and locations throughout the town until 26th June celebrating the Summer Solstice the venues include: Solstice Art Centre, Railway St, the Happy Bear Cafe, Watergate St, Beggy's Bar, Bridge St, Earls Kitchen, Old Cornmarket, and Tara Na Ri at Garlow Cross.Throughout the Festival week, a numberof local groups including Meath Arts Group, Navan Rehab Care, Tain Daycare, Kells and Dunshaughlin Mental Healthcentres, Bri Meath and Louth, Youthreach Progression, and Navan Active Retirement Group present an art trail in the town.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Paul " Pipe " Sheils playing the Jaw Harp.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils reading his poem ( SHAME ) at a meeting of the Small Impact Writers' in Navan Library 1st May 2011.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I came across this video on facebook and thought I'd show it to you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I attended the monthly meeting of The Meath Writers' Circle, which was held at The Castle Hotel Trim, on Thursday 5th May. There was 14 members present and this lead to a great nights reading.

Frank Murphy was busy recording with his camera.  Most members read from their own work while I read a piece titled " Kilkelly Ireland ".

130 years after his great grandfather left the small village of Kilkelly in Co. Mayo, Peter Jones found a bundle of letters sent to him by his father in Ireland.  The letters tell of family news, births, deaths, sales of land and bad harvests.  They remind the son, that he is loved, missed and remembered by his family in Kilkelly.
After I read the piece Sean Reilly informed me that the piece was a song.  Frank Murphy recorded most of those who read on the night and will be uploading to his blog soon.

To hear the readings pay Frank a visit HERE and enjoy.

Anti War Poem


60 years since the Great Theft.
Nothing has changed.
Over 60 bombing raids on Gaza last night.
Over 900 Palestinians killed
in the short escalation of conflict.
13 Israelies have been killed
3 by their own soldiers in an accident.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft
and Terror Plan ordered by
ministers sounding Western.
The vast majority of deaths
are Palestinian civilians
bombed from the sky.
A cowardly act
when you know your perceived enemy
has no Air Force.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
It's strange to say
some might say beyond belief
that a people who suffered persecution
would soon become the torturers of others.
I know they have wandered the Earth
homeless themselves.
Therefore they should be more understanding
of the plight of others especially the children.
Violence breaths violence.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
They have split Gaza into three
herding the old and weak like cattle.
Surely they remember the Holocaust
they have been there themselves
not so long ago.
When will they ever learn.
Stop the illegal occupation of Palestine.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
War breaks out in near by Libya.
Within a week of hostilities
UN Security Council
declares a No Fly Zone.
60 years since the Great Theft
Palestine can be attacked
at anytime from the air.
Nowhere is safe.
Nobody seems to care.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jim Connell Festival

It's that time of year again,the annual Jim Connell Festival will take place in Crossakiel and Kells over the May Bank Holiday.

The festival will include debate, workshops, lectures and panel discussions on issues relevent to the left and the trade union movement.

The festival celebrates the life of Jim Connell, the author of the socialist anthem " The Red Flag " who was born in Kilskyre in 1852.

Friday 29th April there will be music by " The King and I " in McCabes Bar Crossakiel 

Saturday 30th. Welcome: 11am Cllr Brian Collins, Cllr Anton McCabe, Cllr Connor Ferguson in The Peoples Resource Center,  Carrick Street, Kells.

CAN THE LEFT UNITE : (11:30am): Kathryn Reilly, Dr. Helena Shehan, Desmond O'Toole.

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED (2pm) : Sean Garland, Sam Nolan.

ANNUAL JIM CONNELL ADDRESS (4pm) by Jack O'Connor General President SIPTU and President of ICTU.

PRESENTATION ON LIFE AND WORKS OF JIM CONNELL (4:30pm) by Francis Devine, Author and Historian.

MCCABES, CROSSAKIEL (9pm) Pig Roasting Night with Traditional Irish Music by: Coscan, The Farrelly Brothers and Noel O'Neill, Rough Deal.

Sunday 1st May ( 11am) Tour of North Meath.

Bob Crow             RMT
Jimmy Kelly           UNITE
PHIL McFadden   Dublin Council of Trade Unions
Claire Keane         J Connell Committee and UNITE
David Hopper       Durham Miners Union. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simply Stories

Edel Gillick, is a Local Meath author and story teller.
Her literary work includes:
The Boy That Fell Down The Well
The Land Monsters
Ghandi on O'Connell Street and much more.

Edel is now available for interactive story telling, creative writing work shops and story time sessions for schools, youth and intercultural groups, women's and men's associations, party's and cultural festivals.
She also writes to specific literary needs and would love to hear from you to discuss your requirments.

To see a sample of her work just go to The Authors Friend HERE then type in Edel Gillick The Boy That Fell Down The Well.

To hear Edel reading CLICK HERE

Contact Edel on 085-7068047 or


Friday, April 8, 2011


Tommy Murray reading at the monthly meeting of the Meath Writers' Circle in the Castle Hotel Trim 6th April 2011.  The meeting was very well attended and two new members Joined up, names not to be released until after probationary period is served. There was a lively discussion concerning a famous battle which has been held annually for the past few years in conjunction with the Trim Swift Festival called "The Battle of the Books".
 A secret weapon in the form of a piece of prose was read which it is hoped will decide the battle again this year. 
Mums the word, the other gang have spies everywhere..

Saturday, March 19, 2011


James Linnane, has just published his latest book " THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A GOTCHA "

James who comes from Balliver in Co. Meath, is a member of the Meath Writers' Circle, although Paddy Smyth, of The Boyne Writers likes to claim him as one of theirs.
I've known James for a number of years now and have met him at a number of reading events throughout Co. Meath, where he never fails to entertain with his wonderful stories.  I had the honour of accompanying James to Trim last year during the Swift Festival where we judged a pub row together. Things nearly got out of control when the captain of the loosing team questioned James. James soon sorted things out and saved the night and perhaps with it the entire festival. They the loosing team had no way of knowing that James had once pulled up an ash tree with his own bare hands and he was only 10 years old at the time.

For more information go to The Authors Friend HERE and click their on line cathalogue

Friday, March 18, 2011


Congratulations to Joan Mc Guinness, who is a member of the Small Impact Writers Group based in Navan Library on the publication of her book "Chuck"n"Cha, a delightful childrens story.  A story about two budgies, one called Chuck ( short for Chuckles,) and the other is called Cha (short for  Charlotte ).  Chuck and Cha were childhood lovebirds and were very happy together untill one day Chuck accidentally opened the lock on his cage and wandered off and got lost leaving Cha broken hearted. 
Chuck wanders about frightened and Cha goes looking for him.

Published with the assistance of The Author's Friend CLICK HERE

Printed and bound in Ireland by Gemini International Ltd.

Book Launch

Christopher R. Azzie was born in South Africa in 1971.  Christopher is both Irish and South African and he lives in Robinstown Co. Meath today where he is a student. Christopher joined the Small Impact Writers' Group in Navan and he has just published his new book "Hidden Dreams".  He will be launching it on Thursday 24th March in Navan Library at 7pm.
The best way I can describe Christopher's book is to say that it's a voice in the wilderness but a voice for good. Christopher's poems have a lot of sadness in them but they give hope and they have soul too. That's what I like about them they've got soul. They champion the downtrodden the forgotten the abused and the plight of the African Elephant and Rhino in a very effective way.

Below is the middle part of a poem titled "African Memories"

Thinking back to those years, long gone.
I remember the things that I loved so very much.
The thundering water of the waterfalls and rivers.
The mighty majestic, magnificent mountains,
That runs from one side of South Africa to the other.
The red and brown coloured soil.
Some say the colour of the soil is that of blood,
For those who lost their lives fighting over the land.
The yellow dust, that covered everything that you held so dear,
Created from the mine dumps that covered the country side,
One by one they disappear from eyes view.

Published with the assistance of The Author's Friend. For more information CLICK HERE

Printed and bound in Ireland by Gemini International Ltd.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Congratulations to Tommy Murray and the Junior Writers' Group, who performed their latest compositions in conjunction with the Navan Shamrock Festival  in the Navan Library last Tuesday to a packed house.

The young writers' read from their latest book " Paper Trails "
This is the groups 4th book and there's 26 young writers' featured in it.

Pictured above members of the Junior Writers Group with their menthor Tommy Murray. Tommy is on the extreme right.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading Event

The Small Impact Writers' held a very successful reading event last Thursday in conjunction with the Navan Shamrock Festival. The theme of the event was In My Father's Time. A nostalgic trip from the past to the present day.
Edel Gillick, who presented the show referred to a famous speech by " Eamon De Valera and later she read from her own work about bog monsters, (the friendly type) who eat: sweets, Pegs Legs and Bulls Eyes, to the delight of the children present. Jimmy Byrne read his piece titled, "In My Father's Time" and Pat McConnon read about men travelling on bicycles to save the hay and to look the part he even wore bicycle clips and braces on the night, the type worn by the famous Swarty Smyth.  Ann Ritter read a poem in memory of  Bishop Michael Power and the thousands of refugees who left their homeland in coffin ships during the famine of 1847 and headed for Toronto Canada where the bishop caught Typhus and he died.  Mossie Forde read from her book Mossie's Story and Pat Duffy read a piece on farming I think!.
Lorrita Maher -Bordalo played the tin whistle and Christina Conroy performed an Irish dance.

The event was complimented by an exhibition by Meath Arts group.

Alan McAlister won first prise in a Junior Prose Competition  the theme for the competition was Twins.

Bill Slattery played a tune on the flute and he also accompanied me when I read a piece titled" The First Day of July" by Trim man Jimmy Peppard.

To hear piece click video.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shamrock Festival Literary Events

To celebrate Library Ireland Week and Navan Shamrock Festival, Navan Library presents a Creative Writing Workshop with Edel Gillick to be held on Wednesday 9th March from 10am - 1pm in the library.

Booking essential - no charge applies.

As part of the Shamrock Festival The Small Impact Writers' Group are holding an evening of reminisence through music, poetry and prose, to the theme of " In My Father's Time ".

The event will be held in Navan Library on Thursday 10th March at 7pm.

And if that's not enough an evening with Tommy Murray, Meath's best known poet and the Junior Creative Writers' Group will be held in Navan Library on Tuesday 15th March at 7pm.