Saturday, March 19, 2011


James Linnane, has just published his latest book " THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A GOTCHA "

James who comes from Balliver in Co. Meath, is a member of the Meath Writers' Circle, although Paddy Smyth, of The Boyne Writers likes to claim him as one of theirs.
I've known James for a number of years now and have met him at a number of reading events throughout Co. Meath, where he never fails to entertain with his wonderful stories.  I had the honour of accompanying James to Trim last year during the Swift Festival where we judged a pub row together. Things nearly got out of control when the captain of the loosing team questioned James. James soon sorted things out and saved the night and perhaps with it the entire festival. They the loosing team had no way of knowing that James had once pulled up an ash tree with his own bare hands and he was only 10 years old at the time.

For more information go to The Authors Friend HERE and click their on line cathalogue

Friday, March 18, 2011


Congratulations to Joan Mc Guinness, who is a member of the Small Impact Writers Group based in Navan Library on the publication of her book "Chuck"n"Cha, a delightful childrens story.  A story about two budgies, one called Chuck ( short for Chuckles,) and the other is called Cha (short for  Charlotte ).  Chuck and Cha were childhood lovebirds and were very happy together untill one day Chuck accidentally opened the lock on his cage and wandered off and got lost leaving Cha broken hearted. 
Chuck wanders about frightened and Cha goes looking for him.

Published with the assistance of The Author's Friend CLICK HERE

Printed and bound in Ireland by Gemini International Ltd.

Book Launch

Christopher R. Azzie was born in South Africa in 1971.  Christopher is both Irish and South African and he lives in Robinstown Co. Meath today where he is a student. Christopher joined the Small Impact Writers' Group in Navan and he has just published his new book "Hidden Dreams".  He will be launching it on Thursday 24th March in Navan Library at 7pm.
The best way I can describe Christopher's book is to say that it's a voice in the wilderness but a voice for good. Christopher's poems have a lot of sadness in them but they give hope and they have soul too. That's what I like about them they've got soul. They champion the downtrodden the forgotten the abused and the plight of the African Elephant and Rhino in a very effective way.

Below is the middle part of a poem titled "African Memories"

Thinking back to those years, long gone.
I remember the things that I loved so very much.
The thundering water of the waterfalls and rivers.
The mighty majestic, magnificent mountains,
That runs from one side of South Africa to the other.
The red and brown coloured soil.
Some say the colour of the soil is that of blood,
For those who lost their lives fighting over the land.
The yellow dust, that covered everything that you held so dear,
Created from the mine dumps that covered the country side,
One by one they disappear from eyes view.

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Printed and bound in Ireland by Gemini International Ltd.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Congratulations to Tommy Murray and the Junior Writers' Group, who performed their latest compositions in conjunction with the Navan Shamrock Festival  in the Navan Library last Tuesday to a packed house.

The young writers' read from their latest book " Paper Trails "
This is the groups 4th book and there's 26 young writers' featured in it.

Pictured above members of the Junior Writers Group with their menthor Tommy Murray. Tommy is on the extreme right.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading Event

The Small Impact Writers' held a very successful reading event last Thursday in conjunction with the Navan Shamrock Festival. The theme of the event was In My Father's Time. A nostalgic trip from the past to the present day.
Edel Gillick, who presented the show referred to a famous speech by " Eamon De Valera and later she read from her own work about bog monsters, (the friendly type) who eat: sweets, Pegs Legs and Bulls Eyes, to the delight of the children present. Jimmy Byrne read his piece titled, "In My Father's Time" and Pat McConnon read about men travelling on bicycles to save the hay and to look the part he even wore bicycle clips and braces on the night, the type worn by the famous Swarty Smyth.  Ann Ritter read a poem in memory of  Bishop Michael Power and the thousands of refugees who left their homeland in coffin ships during the famine of 1847 and headed for Toronto Canada where the bishop caught Typhus and he died.  Mossie Forde read from her book Mossie's Story and Pat Duffy read a piece on farming I think!.
Lorrita Maher -Bordalo played the tin whistle and Christina Conroy performed an Irish dance.

The event was complimented by an exhibition by Meath Arts group.

Alan McAlister won first prise in a Junior Prose Competition  the theme for the competition was Twins.

Bill Slattery played a tune on the flute and he also accompanied me when I read a piece titled" The First Day of July" by Trim man Jimmy Peppard.

To hear piece click video.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shamrock Festival Literary Events

To celebrate Library Ireland Week and Navan Shamrock Festival, Navan Library presents a Creative Writing Workshop with Edel Gillick to be held on Wednesday 9th March from 10am - 1pm in the library.

Booking essential - no charge applies.

As part of the Shamrock Festival The Small Impact Writers' Group are holding an evening of reminisence through music, poetry and prose, to the theme of " In My Father's Time ".

The event will be held in Navan Library on Thursday 10th March at 7pm.

And if that's not enough an evening with Tommy Murray, Meath's best known poet and the Junior Creative Writers' Group will be held in Navan Library on Tuesday 15th March at 7pm.