Monday, May 9, 2011


I came across this video on facebook and thought I'd show it to you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I attended the monthly meeting of The Meath Writers' Circle, which was held at The Castle Hotel Trim, on Thursday 5th May. There was 14 members present and this lead to a great nights reading.

Frank Murphy was busy recording with his camera.  Most members read from their own work while I read a piece titled " Kilkelly Ireland ".

130 years after his great grandfather left the small village of Kilkelly in Co. Mayo, Peter Jones found a bundle of letters sent to him by his father in Ireland.  The letters tell of family news, births, deaths, sales of land and bad harvests.  They remind the son, that he is loved, missed and remembered by his family in Kilkelly.
After I read the piece Sean Reilly informed me that the piece was a song.  Frank Murphy recorded most of those who read on the night and will be uploading to his blog soon.

To hear the readings pay Frank a visit HERE and enjoy.

Anti War Poem


60 years since the Great Theft.
Nothing has changed.
Over 60 bombing raids on Gaza last night.
Over 900 Palestinians killed
in the short escalation of conflict.
13 Israelies have been killed
3 by their own soldiers in an accident.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft
and Terror Plan ordered by
ministers sounding Western.
The vast majority of deaths
are Palestinian civilians
bombed from the sky.
A cowardly act
when you know your perceived enemy
has no Air Force.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
It's strange to say
some might say beyond belief
that a people who suffered persecution
would soon become the torturers of others.
I know they have wandered the Earth
homeless themselves.
Therefore they should be more understanding
of the plight of others especially the children.
Violence breaths violence.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
They have split Gaza into three
herding the old and weak like cattle.
Surely they remember the Holocaust
they have been there themselves
not so long ago.
When will they ever learn.
Stop the illegal occupation of Palestine.
Nowhere is safe.

60 years since the Great Theft.
War breaks out in near by Libya.
Within a week of hostilities
UN Security Council
declares a No Fly Zone.
60 years since the Great Theft
Palestine can be attacked
at anytime from the air.
Nowhere is safe.
Nobody seems to care.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils