Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Silent Night

Happy Christmas to all at home and abroad and a happy New Year.

Silent Night 1915 sung by Gerry Lynch

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Say you remember
Beechmount Ballroom of Romance
Christmas 1968
The Dubliners were playing
I saw you in the crowd
My heart skipped a beat
when you glanced my way
I waited for a slow set
then took a chance
and asked you to dance
My heart began to race
when you said yes
I held you close
as we slowly danced
and swayed to the music
I felt your warm embrace
and knew just then
that you were the one
The room began to shimmer
My heart was beating fast
I wanted to ask if you'd dance with me
for the rest of my life
I fell in love with you
that night
Life moved on
Our love grew strong
Hand in hand
and forever heart in heart
Christmas 2012
I'm glad I asked
you to dance.

Michael ' The Sheriff Sheils

Friday, December 7, 2012


My son Paul travelled to the Artic wilderness of Lapona in late August 2012 where he did a solo backpacking trek for two weeks. He shot the video and photos himself at times holding the camera in his outstretched hand or mounting it on his walking stick and setting it on a timer to pose for photos. At times he set it on his stick and crossed rivers to record and crossed back again to retrieve his camera.
The music is by Eddie Vedder and Sofia Jannok.  Enjoy. 

The video runs for almost an hour.  If it sticks midway just put your mouse on curser and drag slightly forward it works for me. You can get full screen by clicking bottom right corner of vid. 

If you scroll down further on this site you'll see Paul and his mate John Paul Kearney climbing Ben Nevis Scotland's highest peak in April 2008.


A good crowd turned up last night in Navan Library for the launch of Golden Rhymes, a collection of Poetry by the Meath Junior Writers' Group. The book was compiled by the late Tommy Murry, of the Meath Writers' Circle and it was launched by Michael Farry who gave an excellent speach. Tom French of the Navan Library Service organised the event and introduced each of the young writers who read their own pieces with a confidence beyond their years. Members of the Meath Writers' Circle read some of Tommy's poems.

Michael Farry's speach can be found HERE on his blogsite.

MORE HERE on the Tara Poetry Blog Spot.