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Tuesday, December 17, 2013



We are SIPTU welcome

What do they mean by this?
I was part of SIPTU
But I'm not welcome

I am no stranger to the unions
Having been a member of
The Wood Workers Union
of Ireland
And also a member of
I was also a member of
Before they became SIPTU
So why am I not welcome

Am I an embarrassment to them?
Do I remind them, that they
Failed in their duty of care
Towards me and my colleagues
The Tara Disabled Mine Workers
And Pensioners Association?

What do they mean when they speak of
Equality and discrimination
In the workplace?
Christmas 2013 LOCKED OUT!!
This time by the Union!.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Down Memory Lane

Tommy Murray, poet from the Valley of the Kings and proud Trim man departed this life on 3rd November 2012 a year ago today summoned by the King of Kings.
Tommy was a founding member and leader of both the Meath Writers' Circle and the Junior Writers' Group. Tommy is remembered in his writings.  He published numerous books on local history as well as short stories and poems. Take a trip down memory lane with Tommy and Maurice O'Keeffe
 CLICK HERE for interview.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

September Across Sarek Part 2

  September Across Sarek Part 2
Part 1 is just below this post.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Double Glory Double Launching.

Father and Daughter ( Prayer is the Key and Children Bible Stories and Activity Book )

Family of ODUKOMAIYA invite you to their Book Launch on Saturday 26th October 2013.

SIPTU, Dan Shaw Centre, Commons Road Navan, beside Educate Together and Navan Commons Motors.  Time 1.00PM- 3.00PM PROMPT.

Chief launchers
Father of the day, Pastor Michael Arowolo ( Soul Winners Navan )
Mother of the day, Pastor Mrs.Adekemi ( Soul Winners )
Guests of Honour: Mayor of Navan, CLLR Francis Dean and Deputy Mayor CLLR Anton McCabe

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

September Across Sarek Part 1

At last here's part one of John and Paul's trip to Sarek, enjoy.
Part two should follow soon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Carry On Regardless.

Just heard unfortunately that Colm O'Rourke, had to pull out of the book launch planned for Friday but the launch still goes ahead.  Carry on regardless.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Launch

Former GAA star Colm O'Rourke, will launch a book of Poetry and Prose by members of The Meath Writers' Circle next Friday 18th October in the Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim at 7.30PM.  All are welcome the book will be on sale at €10 a copy.

Monday, September 30, 2013

News For You

Congratulations to Edel Gillick and the Junior Meath Writers' Group on the launch of their new paper, " News For You " which was launched in Navan library, on Saturday 28th September. 
Edel gave an excellent introductory speech when she spoke about the merits of creative writing and education in general and of it's importance to all ages, before introducing some of the contributors to the paper.
Gary Rutherford of the Young Carers Association was in attendance and gave an informative insight into the association.  John Doyle Of Doyle Photography gave a talk on the art of photography and the importance of recording memories.  Sean Reilly of the Senior Writers' Group gave a talk on attending school in the fifties and Peggy Murphy recited her poem " The Little House " to an appreciative audience.

The paper will be on sale from next Thursday 3rd September in: Tommy Reilly's shop on the Square Navan, the Central Cafe Trimgate St and in some of the local schools.   Price €3

Sean Reilly, with a smile from ear to ear when Edel surprised him with a cake for  his  birthday.

Peggy Murphy, reciting her poem " The Little House " 

Friday, September 27, 2013


Here's a link to Paul and Johnny's interview on LMFM Late Lunch Thursday 26th September.

Monday, September 23, 2013



L/R: Paul Sheils, Johnny Walshe. Photo courtesy, The Living Wilderness Bushcraft School.

The boys are back after their trek across Sarek National Park.  They will be appearing on LMFM, Late Lunch Thursday 26th September at 1:30.

Paul was interviewed in March about his solo trek last year.  If you would like to hear it just scroll down page for link.  There is also a video from that trip plus a video from Ben Nevis Scotlands highest peak taken in 2008 scroll down to find them.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Trip to the Arctic Wilderness

L/R: Johnny Walsh and my Son Paul pictured yesterday at Dublin Airport, on their way to Sarek National Park in Arctic Sweden, Europe's last great wilderness. They will start hiking on Tuesday 3rd September. They have with them a personal beacon and you should be able to follow their progress on Google Earth with the Living Wilderness Bushcraft School on Facebook Spot Me   CLICK HERE

Monday, August 12, 2013

Living on the Edge

Congratulations to Mark Brady from Flowerhill Navan, on the publication of his new book " Living on the Edge.

The Lord Mayor of Navan, Francis Dean will host a public reception for the Mexican Ambassador Carlos Garcia de Alba, who will be launching Mark's book. The launch will take place in the Town Hall, Navan at 11 o'clock on the morning of Tuesday 13th August. Other dignitary's will include Dr. Michael Smith, Bishop of Meath and Canon John Clarke, Rector of Navan Union of Parishes.

While on a visit to his sister Miriam, in Dallas Texas in 1984, ( sadly Miriam has since passed away 01-11-2010 may she rest in peace )  Mark took a train south into Mexico there he met a group of people who were to become very important in his life- the Tarahumara Indians. Mark has lived among them for almost 30years commuting back and forth to Navan where he raises badly needed funds to help the Tarahumara Indians. Mark says the Tarahumara are a proud people with their own language, customs, craftwork and christian beliefs. They have survived for 400 years living on the edge of the impressive Sierra Madres, having been driven there by the Spanish soldiers who arrived in search of gold and silver.

The early chapters of the book are devoted to his own life growing up in Navan
There are almost 300 pages with relevant colourful photographs which enhance the pages.

The book can be bought in your nearest parish book shop and in James Hartens Shop, Navan Shopping Centre.

Price €17 or the public can avail of a special offer of two books for €30 during Marks Tarahumara display in the shopping centre from August 5th till 19th.

All proceeds from the sale of the book goes to the Tarahumara Fund.
For more information visit Mark    H E R E

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Willieo and Veruniet

I attended the Swift Festival in Trim on Sunday 7 July. It was there I met
Willieo and Veruniet pictured below.

Verona Pentony reading from her book, Reflections from the Heart.
Verona is a poet with a love of humanity and of nature.
Reflections from the Heart is her first published collection of poetry.
To purchase or download the book CLICK HERE

Anne Crinion a member of the Boyne Writers' Group.

Jenny Andersson a member of the Boyne Writers' Group.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to: Michael Farry, Caroline Carey Finn and Paul Kerr winners of the Battle of the Books compettion which took place on Thrsday 4 July in the Castle Hotel Trim.  I don't have any photos from the night but I have video of the loosing team.

Frank Murphy

                                                                         Sean Reilly.

Michael Sheils

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Swift Satire Festival

It's that time of year again. The countdown to the Swift Satire Festival Trim has begun. The festival which is now in it's sixth year and growing from strength to strength, maturing with age as they say will be launched next Thursday 4th July in the Castle Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath at 8pm. The Battle of the Books will take place after the launch at 9pm in the hotel admission to the Battle €5.

For full programme of events  CLICK HERE


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Navan Spiegeltent Festival, which is due to start tomorrow 20th June will tonight get an all mighty kick start from the Mighty Meath Team  All Ireland Champions in 1988 who are having a Royal Gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that momentous occasion.

Mc for the night - Hector OhEochagain with music by Swinging' Blue Cats.

Outdoor Gourmet BBQ and wine reception included in the ticket price.

Tickets on sale at the Solstice Arts Centre and Navan Town Council Offices price €25.

For more information    CLICK HERE


Monday, June 17, 2013

Scurlogstown Haymaking Festival

The rain stayed away yesterday for the Scurlogstown Haymaking Festival.
Doris Daley award winning poet from Canada performed at the event but I missed her performance as I was in the recording hut at the time. I was lucky enough to see her on Friday 14th when she visited the Central Bar and Restaurant in Navan.
Below is a photo and video of her from the Central.
Sorry about the bad lighting for video.


Filmed in the Central Navan.


L/R: Ollie Reynolds, Michael Sheils, Jimmy Peppard, Frank Murphy.
Picture taken outside the recording hut. 


One of the Donkey races on the day.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well known poet Doris Daley, from Alberta Canada will be appearing in the Central Bar and Restaurant, Trimgate Street, Navan tonight Friday14th June at 7.30pm. Doris was named best female cowboy poet in North America in 2004 by The Academy of Western Artists. She was also named one of the top five cowgirl poets in 2007,2008, and 2009 by the Western Music Association.
The nights event will be chaired by Edel Gillick of the Small Impact Writers' Group from Navan.

Edel is also leader of the Meath Junior Writers' having recently taken up the position after the death of the late great Tommy Murray. She has invited members of the Junior Writers to take part in the nights event where they will recite some of their poetry. There will also be some members of the Small Impact Writers' in attendance.

Doris will be appearing at the Trim Haymaking Festivall on Sunday 16th in the Porchfields.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Congratulations to Seamus Smyth on the publication of his book, ' Recollections of My Life in Navan '.
The book was launched  last Thursday 30th May in Navan Library. It's a collection of memories and stories featured in Navan, Rathkenny, Slane and other outlying districts of Co. Meath. It's a great read for anyone with an interest in local history. Seamus has great recollections of his boyhood years at times sad but mostly humorous. For those with an interest in football he has a section on the De La Salles and the GAA.
Seamus is first and foremost a Professional Artist and speaks at length about the subject and has included a number of pictures of his favourite paintings in the book. He also tells some humorous stories from his time as a barman. He tells the following story from the time when he worked in Clem's Bar on Watergate Street.
I'll never forget the first evening I went in to work in Clem's. I was serving away and this big lump of a fella named Brendan Shields said to me in a loud voice: " Give me a pint....and a half one. " Sizing him up, I said in my most authoritative voice: " I don't think I'll give you any drink; you've had enough. "
" How do you fucking know? Do you have a dipstick? he replied - to find out what happened next buy Seamus' Book. It can be bought in Centra Trimgate Street Navan or from the Author himself, price €12 and worth every cent.

Pictured on the night, Seamus, signing my coppy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I met the Recycleman on a street in Malaga
He took a shine to my cap
Said he'd like to have one like that
Asked me if he could try it on
Why not said I
With a twinkle in my eye
So he put it on and fell for it
Would you like to swap
Said he to me
I tried his on but it didn't fit
No way said I with a twinkle in my eye.

But I posted his picture
For all of you to see.

Click photos to enlarge.

Photos taken by my wife Josephine.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paul Sheils Interview

My son Paul was interviewed on LMFM Thursday 21 March 2013 about his trip to the Artic Wilderness. For interview
CLICK HERE  When you get there go to March 21

Below is an excerpt from the Meath Herald

Click to enlarge

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Next Big Thing

The last time I played Tag I was about 12 years old that was when I discovered another game called ' Postman's Knock'.  For those of you too young to know it goes something like this, ' Postman Postman don't be slow be like Elvis, go man go. For more information ask the older generation.
Imagine my surprise recently when I found myself being tagged by none other than Frank Murphy of the Meath Writers' Circle. He tagged me in an online blogging chain called ' The Next Big Thing'  At first I was a wee bit suspicious but then my military training kicked in. I covered crawled and observed. Let me explain you're walking across hostile territory a shot rings out what do you do?. You immediately take cover, fall to the ground, crawl away from where you fell and observe, try to see where the shot came from, that is, if you're not already dead. After susting it out I thought! what the heck might as well be got for a sheep as a lamb. So here goes.

My Next Big Thing

Is a collection of short stories and poems.

What is the working title of your book?

' Sheriff Writes Again '

What genre does your book fall under?

Short Stories and Poems

Which actors would you choose to play your charactors in a movie rendition?

Mrs Brownes Boys and girls!!

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Simple straight forward down to earth.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

About a year.

What other book would you compare this book to within your genre?

Hidden Depths

A collection of poetry and prose from members of  ' The Small Impact Writers' Group ' who are based in Navan.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

 People, place, events. For example here's one of my poems.


Second of February 2002 I saw you.
A young girl no more than twelve I'd say
Happily dancing in snow.
The first snow of winter they said.
I wanted to reach out and join in your happiness
But couldn't.
You were after all thousands of miles away
In the land of Mohammed.
Graveyard of empires.
And yet there you were in my sitting room
Via the television.
For weeks I had been watching the news.
The unrelenting bombing of Tora Bora.
Operation Enduring Freedom
They called it.
I watched in awe at this beautiful scene
Of a young girl dancing in snow.
A brilliant white the sign of peace
Falling from high Heaven.
What a contrast from B52s belching out
Their cargo of death.
In the sure knowledge that their enemies
Have nothing to reach them.
They say love can move mountains.
I say bombs will only distort them
And strengthen the peoples resolve.
History can and does repeat itself.
Might is not always right.
Try talking.

By Michael ' The Sheriff ' Sheils

What else about your book might pique the readers interest?

That's a tricky one- the title perhaps?.

When and how will it be published?

Hopefully this year. Not sure whether to self publish. Looking at other options.

Tagging, James Linnane

James Linnane was born in Galway, Ireland, in 1962.  He has lived in various parts of Ireland, he has had many jobs with a career spanning barwork, security, construction and engineering work. James spent some time in New York in the 1980's where he published his first book a collection of poetry and prose, titled ' Never take an Irishman seriously unless he's armed ' in 1988.
When James returned home from New York he worked for a number of years as a security guard on building sites throughout Dublin. In 2011 he published his first novel ' The Life And Times Of A ' GOTCHA '. The book is based on actual events and is now available on e-book. The word Gotcha is a slang word for security guard. He is a member of both the Meath Writers'Circle and the Boyne Writers. He has had poems published in Boyne Berries and Revolve ( A local magazine in Meath ) and two poems on the recent CD published by the Scurloughstown Olympiad in Trim as well as two on the previous years CD. James was on the winning team in the Battle of the Books in 2011 and again in 2012 when they lost to the Meath Writers' Circle. James is also a commedian and Karaoke star in his spare time he has also adjudicated at many a pub row in Trim where he takes no nonsence. He now lives in Ballivor, County Meath, with his wife and two daughters.

Here's looking at you baby.