Monday, June 17, 2013

Scurlogstown Haymaking Festival

The rain stayed away yesterday for the Scurlogstown Haymaking Festival.
Doris Daley award winning poet from Canada performed at the event but I missed her performance as I was in the recording hut at the time. I was lucky enough to see her on Friday 14th when she visited the Central Bar and Restaurant in Navan.
Below is a photo and video of her from the Central.
Sorry about the bad lighting for video.


Filmed in the Central Navan.


L/R: Ollie Reynolds, Michael Sheils, Jimmy Peppard, Frank Murphy.
Picture taken outside the recording hut. 


One of the Donkey races on the day.


Frank said...

Great work there Michael, have some photos myself. Must try and load them up tomorrow!

MichaelSheils said...

Hi Frank,it was a good day considering the rain stayed away. I've been offered the loan of a donkey for my entrance to the Battle of the Books. What do you think?. Would Willie approve?