Thursday, June 6, 2013

Congratulations to Seamus Smyth on the publication of his book, ' Recollections of My Life in Navan '.
The book was launched  last Thursday 30th May in Navan Library. It's a collection of memories and stories featured in Navan, Rathkenny, Slane and other outlying districts of Co. Meath. It's a great read for anyone with an interest in local history. Seamus has great recollections of his boyhood years at times sad but mostly humorous. For those with an interest in football he has a section on the De La Salles and the GAA.
Seamus is first and foremost a Professional Artist and speaks at length about the subject and has included a number of pictures of his favourite paintings in the book. He also tells some humorous stories from his time as a barman. He tells the following story from the time when he worked in Clem's Bar on Watergate Street.
I'll never forget the first evening I went in to work in Clem's. I was serving away and this big lump of a fella named Brendan Shields said to me in a loud voice: " Give me a pint....and a half one. " Sizing him up, I said in my most authoritative voice: " I don't think I'll give you any drink; you've had enough. "
" How do you fucking know? Do you have a dipstick? he replied - to find out what happened next buy Seamus' Book. It can be bought in Centra Trimgate Street Navan or from the Author himself, price €12 and worth every cent.

Pictured on the night, Seamus, signing my coppy.


Anonymous said...

More power to you Seamus ,you have truely written a wonderful book. every page re captures my memories of growing up in the Navan area, and that great time of my youth.

As well as being a great artist you are also a great writer. Ihave shared this book with my 2 brothers here in Canada, as they also grew up in that era. God bless you Seamus,and please God you will regain your health soon.

MichaelSheils said...

Thank you for comment,unfortunately you came up as anonymous.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.