Saturday, December 19, 2009

I attended the Boyne Writers Reading and Open Mic Night 17th Dec in the Village Hall, Knightsbridge Village, Trim. The night started, with Chairman Paddy Smith, showing off his new Christmas presents, they consisted of one bell and whistle.
Paddy went on to explain the rules, ( as if we didn't know them already), three minutes for a poem five minutes for prose but because of the night that was in it, he would allow two poems. If a reader was nearing the time allowed he would give a gentle ring of the bell, if they went beyond the time he would blow the whistle. Paddy gave a demonstration and I knew by the look on his face, he was dying to try them out in earnest. When it came to my turn his face began to beam with excitement. Paddy sat waiting, ready to pounce, clutching the bell in his left hand and the whistle in his right but I out foxed him by reading two very short poems. You could say, it was a case of once bitten twice shy.

The two featured writers were: Brendan Kinane and Michael Clemenger. They entertained the crowd by reading from their work.
Brendan read nine of his poems which he had in chapbook form and handed a copy to everyone in the audience
Michael read an excerpt from his book " Holy Terrors ", a moving account of the day he made his First Holy Communion.  It was like as if he was reliving the event all over again.  He then read a poem titled " You Were Not Destined To Grow Old ", a poem which I fell in love with the first time I read it.  It stirred a lump in my throat and any poem with the power to do that is a poem worth reading.  I can say the same about his book it's definitely worth a read.

Chairman Paddy Smith, wearing a crown on his head ended the nights festivities with his own version of " We Three Kings " he delighted everyone there when he burst into song and I'm happy to say it was quite pleasing to the ear.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Boyne Readings

On Thursday next December 17th at 8pm in the Village Hall, Knightsbridge Village, Longwood Road Trim, the Boyne Writers Group are holding their monthly Readings and Open Mic Session.

Featured writers on the night are Michael Clemenger who I mentioned earlier, he recently published his book, Holy Terrors, ( O'Brien Press ). I have just finished reading Michael's book and I can assure you, it is indeed, a great book. I find myself agreeing with Minister for Transport and local TD, Noel Dempsey, who, on the night of the launch said, "Michael's book should be made compulsory reading ".
The other writer is Brendan Carey Kinane who is a member of the Boyne Writers Group. Brendan wrote the winning entry in the Boyle Arts Festival Poetry Competition 2007 and he has won many awards in international poetry competitions.

Admission on night €5. Tea and refreshments provided.

The Small Impact Writers

Pictured below is Edel Gillick reading one of her stories.

A large crowd turned up for The Small Impact Writers Group Christmas Open Mic Session in Navan Library 10th December. Jimmy Byrne chaired the event and did a great job. There was a great selection of poetry and prose. Edel Gillick read one of her stories, something to do with Land Grabbers invading the fertile plains of Meath. Tommy Murray arrived with a contingent from the Meath Writer's Circle.

Near the end of the night things got a wee bit tense when a man got up to read and introduced himself as a Bog Monster from somewhere in the Galway region of the country. Rumour has it that Tommy Murray sneaked him in the back door aided and abetted by Willie Hodgins.
When the Monster began to read, it seemed to have a soothing affect on him and he turned out to be quite tame as he relayed a story of how he cut down his first tree with his bare hands, a remarkable feat considering he was only 8years old, mind you he had his mate with him who was 12. A number of children read stories and this seemed to please the Bog Monster.

Afterwards tea and snacks were served and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Mission accomplished..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Congratulations to Michael Clemenger on the launch of his new book, " Holy Terrors ", which took place in Antonia's Book Shop Trim on saturday 28/11/2009.

Michael's book was published by The O'Brien Press ltd, 12 Terenure Road East, Dublin 6, Ireland. It can be bought in: Antonia's Book Shop Athboygate Trim, Easons Book Stores and all good book shops price €11:99.
Pictured at the launch in jovial mood
L/R: Michael Clemenger, Noel French and Martin Moffet in background.