Friday, October 29, 2010

Mossie's Story

Mossie Ford was born in Trim Co. Meath in 1949 the same year as myself.  I didn't know Mossie until just over a year ago when she joined the  'Small Impact Writers' who are based in Navan Library. Although Christened Mary, she is better known as Mossie.
 Mossie is the third eldest in a family of twelve.  She has written a book about her life and has dedicated it to her late parents - Michael and Eileen Forde R.I.P.

Mossie was born with Cerebral Palsey, her movement and speech are restricted and she  has lived most of her life in institutions.  But she is a very brave courageous person who has recently moved into independent living. Mossie's Story is beautifully written, at times humorous, at times sad but from the heart throughout.

Mossie also paints, in fact the cover of her book is one of her paintings.  The Authors Friend have a picture slide show on their website depicting some of Mossie's paintings and photos.

Mossie's book will be launched in Navan Library on Thursday 4th November at 7-30pm. 
The book will be on sale to the general public soon but can be bought from the Online Cathologue of The Author's Friend. Mossie's book would make an ideal Christmas present for that someone special in your life.

For more information go to The Authors Friend CLICK HERE  when there click News Blog. 

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Mossie, is pictured above at a special gathering which took place in Navan Library on Wednesday, 20th October to mark  National Social Inclusion Week when she made a presentation of her book.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Launch

I have just heard to day that Kieran Murray is having a book launch on Saturday 31October.  The event will take place in a marquee at the carpark on the Hill of Tara at 7.30pm until late. 

Kieran like most of us will be attending the " Save Our Lady's Hospital Campaign Rally  in Navan earlier that day.

For more information on Kieran's book go to the end of this page.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Sitting on the sidelines or on the fence cribbing and moaning is a lost opportunity, in fact, I don't know how people who engage in that don't commit suicide. 

The same man said " He never lodged sterling "

It sickens me to think that the man who uttered the above words hopes to become president of Ireland one day.  If this ever happens I for one shall not recognise him as such.

PS,  if you find him squating in your cupboard, call PEST CONTROL!!

Cromwell and Bertie

Cromwell spoke to Bertie
Saying 'Well done, that's my lad,
How you destroyed these old sites
It makes my old heart glad

'I too bullied the Irish
And I made them shake with fear
But compared to my destruction
You've done a lot more in one year

' How you violated those old graves
From Ardsallagh to Clonee
And desecrated the Tara Valley
That fills me full of glee.

' In the far and distant future
When driving through Rath Lugh
My name will be forgotten
But they'll all remember you'

Poem by,
Kieran Murray

The above poem appears in Kieran's book " The Vigil " a book dedicated to the people concerned about the preservation of all the ancient monuments in our Tara Valley.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Poetry Day

Pictured above in St Patrick's Cathedral, Loman Street,Trim, Michael Farry reading one of his favourite poems "Father and Son" by F. R. Higgins. The event was organised by the Boyne Writers' to celebrate All Ireland Poetry Day 7th October. It was an enjoyable occasion with many contributers reading their favourite poems to an enthusiastic audience.

At 7pm another successful poetry event was held in Navan library organised by Tom French of the Meath County Library service and Tommy Murray Meath Writers' Circle. Just like in Trim the event was well supported.
I enjoyed the event enormously but had to leave early due to other commitments but I managed to take a few photos before leaving.

Pictured top: Paddy Pryle, first row L/R Paul Martin, Tommy Murray
Second row L/R Michael Sheils and Willie Hodgins
Third row Tom French and Frank Murphy
Bottom Edel Gillick