Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dan O'Hara

Sean Reilly, singing a song our father's loved and indeed our grandfathers and we mustn't forget the granny's. This song was a hit in 1864. And Sean Reilly made it a hit in the Solstice Art Centre on the night of  5th October 2011 when the Small Impact Writers' launched their 2012 calendar in aid of the Homeless.

Sean can be heard singing, My Lagan Love, further down on this blog, just scroll the pages below.


Frank said...

Great stuff! Sean is stealing the show there. Tell him I tried to load my version of him singing that song at the Castle Hotel but it just will not go up. Broadband too slow I think. "Homeless no More" very good as well"

MichaelSheils said...

Thanks Frank, will do