Sunday, October 9, 2011


Poem on cover can be read below left.

In Return
by Jimmy Byrne

I was

I was
A stranger,
And you took me in.

Now I am

As long as
You did it
To one of these...
You did it to me.

We should be
Towards each other.

It is giving
That we receive
A blessing
In return.

Navan Writer's Group, ( The Small Impact Writers' ), had a very successful launch of their 2012 Calendar in the Solstice Art Centre, Railway Street, Navan, last Thursday 5th October.
Meath GAA personality Sean Boylan who was to launch the calendar was unable to attend. 
Lordmayor Anton McCabe was away at a conference and Councillor Joe Reilly came to the rescue.

The calendar was printed by Costello Print in Navan and Navan Town Council sponsored the project.

Edel Gillick and Jimmy Byrne of the writers group, introduced the members who read their own contributions from the calendar. John Doyle Photography enriched each contribution with his photos depicting the many facets of homelessness in our times.

Paul Murphy, of Drogheda Homeless Aid thanked the writers' group for their help and generosity towards the Drogheda Homeless Aid's hostel at North Strand, Drogheda.

Sean Reilly, Jay Rill and Caroline Reel of the Writers' Group delighted the audience with their singing.
I videoed some of the members reading and singing and hope to post a few vids over the next few days.

There is a second launch of the calendar planned for Thursday 20th October at 5.30pm in the Highlane's Art Gallery Drogheda.          

The Calendar can be bought in Supervalue Johnstown Shopping Centre price €5  

L/R: Edel Gillick, Louisa Gillick, Sean Reilly, Noel McInerney,Ciara ? Drogheda Homeless Aid, Kieran Murray, Jay Rill, Niamh ? Drogheda Homeless Aid, Jim Byrne, Christopher Azzie, Pat McConnon, Ann Ritter, Michael Sheils, John Doyle and
in Front Mossie Forde.       

                                                                    John Doyle.   

                                                   Paul Murphy, Drogheda Homeless Centre

Jim Byrne.


Frank said...

Michael, where can this be purchased?

MichaelSheils said...

It's on sale in tescos Navan Shopping Centre or I can keep a copy for you.We had a day on the floor in the Shopping centre last Saturday. That programme on started this morning I watched it at 11.30 it will be on every three hours after that for one week. DON'T TELL PADDY SMYTH.