Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some of the readings from the night the Small Impact Writers'
launched their 2012 Calendar.

Ann Ritter, above reading her poem, Nobody's Neighbour.
Ann was born in Dublin, but now lives in Navan. She has been a member of the Small Impact Writers' Group for three years. She has lived  for several years in Germany, Japan and Australia. Ann writes mostly poetry but has a number of short story's to her credit. She had a story titled ( That Devil Called Love ) published last year in a antology written by the group titled Hidden Depths. 

Edel Gillick, is a story teller and writer.  She is the author of The Boy That Fell Down the Well, a childrens book highlighting the social problem of bullying and racism but in a genre suitable for children. She also facilitates creative writing classes for adults. 

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils. Enough said.


Frank said...

Wow! Edel's poem packs some punch. Just what a poem should do!
Have to get that calendar.
"The Boom Time Rats" the Director's Cut for The Battle of The Books. Over eighteen only followed by a harp recital.

MichaelSheils said...

Thanks Frank