Sunday, April 11, 2010

With The Boyne Through Trim

I don't know where Tommy Murray gets his energy he has managed to do it yet again.  Tommy has just published his twelfth book ( With The Boyne Through Trim ).

It's obvious that Tommy has a great love for his home town of Trim.  Tommy has well and truly put Trim on the map through his writings and dare a Navan man say it, I think the people of Trim should name their next street or perhaps housing estate after him.
I was thousands of miles away when Tommy launched his book and on my return the first batch were sold out so I had to wait a while but eventually got a copy.
In his book Tommy takes the reader on a nostalgic journey of the river Boyne from Stoneyford River to beyond Bective Abbey, a short journey one might say but one steeped in history.
Tommy's book is beautifully written and the imagery is somethingelse, ( there's nothing more miserable than a hen standing on one leg at the front door on a rainy day ), if I could, I'd give the hen a hug I thought as I read.
Thanks to Tommy a lot of Trim's recent history survives. Who for instance, especially amoung the younger generation would know that one of Trim's parish priest's was a part time farmer?.
After navigating the Boyne, Tommy then takes the reader on a ghost tour of the town, so if you'd like to know more about Trim get a copy of Tommy's book.

The book can be bought in Trim Post Office and in Antonia's Bookshop, Navan Gate, Trim, and in Trim Visitor Centre in Trim Town Hall.


Meath Books said...

Fair play to you Sheriff that's as good a review as any and the one about the hen, how well you spotted that one.


Michael Sheils said...

Sound Tommy, congratulations again well done.