Sunday, April 4, 2010



Strange when you're young
you never think that your father
was once young like you.
Mine passed away a few years ago aged 92.
I was in a local store the other day browsing.
The store was full of mirrors
I happened to glance at one
and who did I see?
My father glancing back at me.
He was wearing a moustache.
I never knew him to wear a moustache
and yet it had already turned grey.
I hadn't noticed before.
He seemed a wee bit sad
I thought!
Perhaps it was the realisation
that he was getting on in years.
Then I heard a familiar voice from behind
it was my beloved wife Josephine.
Just then a smile broke out on my fathers face.
I recognised that smile
It was the smile he always had for my mother.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils 


Frank said...

Welcome back there, hope you enjoyed the Canaries!

Michael Sheils said...

Thanks Frank. Had a great time in Tenerife. I got a new hat when I was there. Tommy Murray has told the world via The Meath Writers'Circle Web Site so I thought I'd show the world the real thing. Check my blog