Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I spied a pair of Mermaids
on the Costa Adeje.
So beautiful were they
I decided to take them away
to the Emerald Isle with me.
For all of you to see.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils


Frank said...

Could you not get any closer with that camera? Mermaids how are ye!
That's not a wish you were here postcard, that's a wish I was there!

Michael Sheils said...

I was afraid to get any closer Frank, afraid of what might happen, besides the wife Josephine was with me, mind you I went down to the beach early next morning on my own but they were gone out with the tide. I got an uneasy feeling that I was being watched I could see eyes peering out of the sea at me then I caught a glimps of something which looked like a merman it had a beard so I decided to give it a wide bert.