Monday, January 7, 2008


My son Austin who resides in Poland with his partner Patrycja and their baby daughter Amelia, has published a collection of poetry titled, "Stream of Consciousness" it's his first collection of deep reflections and there are a limited number of copies available from me at 56 Woodlands, Navan, Co. Meath. price €6

Patrycja, Austin and Amelia, on the day of Amelia's Christening. And top Amelia on her own

Austin Sheils

The following is a poem from Austin's book.

In the moment when a star is born.
When the sun's first rays rise in the morning
awakening the world.
In the moment a child is born opening their eyes.
When the first embrace of love has come,
the knowledge in the heart.
In the moment a poem is written or the
first strokes of a picture painted.
With the first notes of a melody played,
like a truth that has always been there
waiting for someone to listen.
There is a time when the whole world falls silent.
When all mouths shall close and all ears
shall open and the whole world will listen.
If only for a moment and truth is spoken
heard and truly understood.
Then for the first time humankind will see
what it means to live in harmony and true
understanding of our existence.
For the meaning of truth is within that
which goes unheard.
In deeds that go undone and words that go unspoken.
The silence of whispers speaks
louder than a thousand voices.

Austin "Ozzy " Sheils

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