Monday, January 7, 2008

Flow Forever


As spring nears it's end
My heart yearns for the playground of my childhood
Standing alone on the Boyne Bridge
I gaze into it's depths
Suddenly as if in the sequence of a dream It reemerges
The weir Playground of my childhood
Jewel of the Boyne
Memories come flooding back
Of happy times spent there
Days filled with sun and fun
Memories so vivid
I hear the laughter of children splashing about
The cry of the gull overhead
The wild swan gracefuly passing head held high
And I lying on it's gentle sloping sides
Water cascading over my shoulders
Listening to the soothing sound of the ripples
A mysteriousplace to the mind of a child
All embracing in summer yet foreboding in winter
When with the awesome power of a swollen river everything changes
The soothing sound becomes a thunderous roar
And the weir itself disappearing under the relentless deluge
Frightening to the mind of a child
There's an ache in my heart when I remember
How it was ripped from the bosom of the Boyne in '69
Never to return.
It begins to rain
The vision fades
As I watch the raindrops dance on the river
My thoughts drift through the eye of the bridge
North to where the waters meet at Pool Boy
There's a mighty turbulence
The two rivers become one
The Black Water takes the name of the Boyne
The union is consummated
On they flow together towards the sea
Two rivers one heartbeat
On they flow forever
Together wed
The sharp sound of a hornbrings me back to reality
I glance to my right and what do I see?
A four lane motorway which wasn't there when I was a child
I turn north and what do I see?
A giant crane halfway to Heaven
Building apartments at the foot of the hill
Where Brianie the fisherman cast his net
I decide to go home
Home to where my heart is
Home to the one who took my name.

Left a view of the river Boyne from the railway viaduct before the new road was built and right with the new road.

Michael '' The Sheriff '' Sheils.

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