Monday, November 1, 2010

Navan Hospital Rally

Thousands turned up for the Save Navan Hospital Campaign.  Official sources put the figure at 10000 I reckon there was a lot more.  The route taken was from The Enterprise Center down the Trim Road, then turned right at Mercy Convent, past St Mary's Church at the Fair Green, up Ludlow Street, turned left at the Square up Trim Gate Street then up Brews Hill and on to Pairc Tailteann.  When the head of the march reached Pairc Tailteann the tail was stilll leaving the Enterprise Center on the Trim Road.
The marchers took part in the rally to oppose cuts in services at Our Lady's Hospital in Navan Co. Meath.

Well done to all who took part.

Tara Mines Rescue Team pictured above who took part in the march.

For video of Navan Hospital Rally CLICK HERE


Frank said...

Well done on that video Michael. Amazed at the crowd you got out!Asking for too little! Went into reception at Navan Hospital at about 12.30 on day, no petition on counter, no banners, no signs, same for town and shops. The shops and Hospital should all have had BIG SIGNS everywhere, same for shopping centre,but amazed at crowd.

kevin smyth said...

Good photos it awas a great turnout

MichaelSheils said...

Thanks Frank and Kevin. It was indeed a great day. I see the Tara Miners got suspended for leaving work early.