Thursday, November 25, 2010

Famine Trilogy

I had a very enjoyable trip to Drogheda on Wednesday 24th November in the company of Tommy Murray and James Linnane.  We attended a reading of the Viaduct Bards, all women, it was like falling into an orchard and I must say they made us very welcome.

Tommy done the driving and I'm glad to say James was navigater having been there before with the Boyne Writers' he was able to tell Tommy when to turn right or left.  I just sat in the back listening with my fingers crossed. 
 As we turned right at the Round O, Tommy noticed a very large light straight ahead.  James explained that it was a full Moon. He told Tommy to keep travelling towards it as it seemed to be directly over Drogheda.
On our way home James again explained to Tommy that this time the Moon would be to our left. 
When we reached Navan, Tommy turned into Woodlands and dropped me off at my house.   Just as I was getting out of the car I heard James tell Tommy to turn left on to the Trim Road when leaving Woodlands and that this time the Moon would be on the Right. 

To hear Tommy Murray reading   CLICK HERE 

Apologies for the poor light.


Paddy Smith said...

Mick, If I were you I wouldn't go anywhere with either of those two boys on nights when there's a full moon.

Frank said...

Mick, you were lucky it wasn't a cloudy night. Full moon and the fingers crossed and the signposts turned. Doesn't bear thinking about!

MichaelSheils said...

Hi Paddy and Frank, in fairness to the lads they got me home safe and neither of them took a drink, perhaps it's just as well.
I had one myself or was it two?.

Meath Books said...

Funny Michael that you can find your way to places like Poland and Australia and you have to keep your fingers crossed getting from Drogheda to Navan

MichaelSheils said...

Yes but that was the first time I had James with me he's the one I was worried about. I knew I could rely on you to get us both home safely.