Friday, September 18, 2009


Navan Railway Station
It seems Our Lady's Hospital is going the same way but our ministers will still claim their exorbitant expenses they have no shame.

The Dublin to Navan train

Will it ever come again?

We've been promised it will by the shower in the Dail

But I have my doubts it will ever come at all

Broken promises of Fiana Fail


Frank said...

If Navan Hospital goes the way of the rail line it will be a shame. Closing down that hospital is madness. The roads to Drogheda from most parts of Meath are nothing but back roads. Try driving them late at night in an emergency. I hope the TDs and local council stop it,or at least provides the leadership to do so. They can if they want to. FM.

Michael Sheils said...

Well there's one thing they can and will do that's claim their exorbitant expenses. I'm voting NO to Lisbon, millions of Europeans were deprived of their right to vote and the two countries that did get a vote rejected it along with ourselves. I hope Ireland votes no for those who didn't get the chance to vote.