Monday, October 6, 2008

Try Talking

Second February 2002 I saw you.
A young girl no more than twelve I'd say
happily dancing in snow.
The first snow of Winter they said.
I wanted to reach out and join in your happiness
but couldn't.
You were after all thousands of miles away
in the land of Mohammed.
Graveyard of empires.
And yet there you were in my sitting room via the television.
For weeks I had been watching the news
the unrelenting bombing of Tora Bora.
Operation Enduring Freedom
they called it.
I watched in awe at this beautiful scene
of a young girl dancing in snow.
A brilliant white the sign of peace
falling from High Heaven.
What a contrast from B52's belching out their cargo of death
in the sure knowledge that their enemies can not reach them.
They say love can move mountains.
I say bombs will only distort them
and strengthen the peoples resolve.
History can and does repeat itself.
Might is not always right.
Try talking!.
Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.


The Lazy Lug said...

How Are Ye Michael? Thanks For Leaving The Message! I Was On Your Blog Last Night Not Long After You Posted "Try Talking" And I Have To Tell You It`s A Really Powerful Blog... It`s Amazing The Way Kids Always Find Fun And Joy In Life Even When The World They Know Is Falling Apart Around Them. So Keep Up The Good Work Sheriff And I`ll Be Keeping An Eye Out For Your Next Blog.

Michael Sheils said...

Just checking back
Thanks for comment
Lazy Lug