Thursday, October 9, 2008


A book of 47 poems ranging from traditional to modern, titled " EXCURSIONS " by Frank Murphy, Author of " The Marginal Line " and member of the Meath Writers Circle, will be launched in " Fergies " of Kilmessan by Trim Author and Poet and leader of the Meath Writers Circle Mr. Tommy Murray, on 23rd October 2008. Come early limited supply on the night and readings from members of the Meath Writers Circle.

Pictured above left Frank Murphy with his new book, center "Excursions" and right Frank's first book "The Marginal Line".

Below is a thought provoking poem from Frank's Excursions.
A House in the Fields
The crumbling walls and faded dreams
Memories of what might have been
The twilight world that lives within
Where daylight ends and night begins.
A curtain through a broken pane
An invalid's supporting frame
The laughter sadness joy and tears
A gate that hangs on broken piers.
Along a winding track that leads
Down to a garden overgrown with weeds
And apple trees all gone to seed
With no one left to tend their needs.
And rooks that earn their daily bread
As sentinels that guard it's dead
It's empty rooms and rusted tin
A house in the fields
Too scared to go in.

Franks book " EXCURSIONS " can be bought in shops in: Kilmessan, Antonia's Trim,the Post Office Trim, Bookwise Medges Lane Navan and Easons Navan Shopping Center- price €10


Frank said...

Many thanks for the comment on book launch. Been off line for the last four days. Phone lines down. Damn good war poem that. "Try Talking!

Michael Sheils said...

Hi, Frank, God it's almost a year since. I was just checking back thanks for comment. Dare I say it I like that poem myself.