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Paul returned last Friday 7th September from his trip to the Arctic.  For those of you who followed his progress on the net he has posted photos on ' The Living Wilderness Bushcraft School ' blog.  As he was travelling alone he took all the photos himself, he mounts the camera on his walking stick whenever he takes a self portrait.  He also shoots video by holding the camera in his outstretched arm while moving.
He was walking one day when he came across a large moose, by the time he took out his camera the moose had scarpered hence the video below.
He was to cross a lake one day by ferry but the winds were so rough the ferry couldn't sail so he had to take a helicopter instead.  A few days later he arrived at another lake where he was to get another ferry to cross.  He hoisted the flag and waited for a local ferryman to arrive.  A Frenchman arrived shortly after him and they sat waiting for the ferryman to arrive but he never did.  They noticed canoes at the spot with life jackets inside.  So they donned the jackets and rowed across the lake it took them one and a half hours to cross.  It was a long day with neither of them knowing the others language.  It was the hunting season and that's why the ferryman wasn't there he was off hunting. The battery was gone in Paul's camera so he wasn't able to record the event but he recorded the helicopter ride a few days earlier.  He tried downloading it but because it's too long he wasn't able.  He'll edit it into smaller pieces and try later. 

Enjoy the video below.  And if you scroll down further you'll see a video of Paul and John Paul Kearney climbing Ben Nevis Scotlands highest peak in April 2008.  On an earlier trip in June 2005 Paul and his brother Austin climbed the peak but they didnt have a means of videoing it but Austin penned two poems while there they can be found on the same page as the video.

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Frank said...

Enjoyed the full video. Tell Paul thanks on that. What was the music? What about wolves? He should write a book about the trip with photographs.