Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last night I lay awake trembling with fear.
I was being repossessed in a matter of three weeks.
Then realisation dawned- I was now almost homeless.
Why me I thought? Then I remembered.

In 1980, we were told we were living beyond our means by a
man dressed in a Charvet shirt who too lived,
beyond his means.
A man who stooped so low as to take £250,000 from a
friends life support fund.
What came after this?
a finance minister who then became leader, a man who
stated, " he never held a bank account while he was minister "
But all along he was signing cheques for the man in the
Charvet shirt.

The minister was warned that, " his reckless policies would de-
vour the Celtic Tiger "
He told them to, " go and commit suicide ".
He stated, " his only regret was that he had not built the Bertie Bowl ".

With leaders like this, no wonder the homeless figures rise,
people made homeless by the greedy bankers, mystery bond holders,
corrupt leaders with lavish pensions funded by the taxpayers.
People cry out for justice!
The vulnerable are hit, the sick, the blind.
Our children cry out!
No bail out for them, no Galway tent, no whip around.
Made homeless by THE BOOM TIME RATS.

Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.

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