Sunday, February 20, 2011

Featured Writers'

The Small Impact Writers', in the words of Paddy Smith, made a "BIG IMPACT" when they were featured readers last Thursday in the Knightsbridge Retirement Village Hall. Six members of the group read from their book " Hidden Depths " a collection of short stories and poems.
Paddy handed the mic to Edel Gillick and she did a great job of introducing the readers.

Pat McConnon gave a beautiful reading of Niall's Story a story of the love between a father and son at times very moving and yet at the same time full of joy.  Sean Reilly read his story  " I Am Royalty ", a story about the finest and most good-looking buck on the mountain, enough about that, if you want to find out more get the book.  Ann Ritter had the audience in the palm of her hand as she related the story " That Devil Called Love " in Ann's own words the characters in her story are figments of her vivid imagination, the city of Staufen, where Faust allegedy sold his sole to the devil in the 16th century does exist and is located in the South-West of Germany. Jim Byrne read a number of his poems to great applause. I read the story "YARRI"
I travelled to Australia in August 2002.  An incident happened when I was there which inspired me to write the story, YARRI, is better known as The Hero of Gungadai.  Edel Gillick, read from her book " The Boy Who Fell Down the Well " to hear Edel reading
 CLICK HERE  apologies for the echo.

An open mic session was held after the featured writers' had finished.  Members of the Boyne Writers' and the Meath Writers' Circle read from their work.

David Glynn read a story titled " Who Will You Choose " it was so vivid and palpable I could hear a voice in my head it was the soldier within me who said " Sheriff cover crawl and observe! "

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