Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Climbing the Ben

My son Paul (Pipe),likes to spend some time in the mountains.  He had a blog site titled Hillwalking Adventures where he was writing about his experiences.  He decided to delete the site and turn it into a  book instead.

To see him and his climbing companion John Paul Kearney ( The Pope's Child ) climb Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest peak


Frank said...

Well done, well done, I used to be fit, but I'm not sure I was fit for that!

MichaelSheils said...

Frank, if you're able to make it to the Hill of Tara you're ok.

kevin smyth said...

Hi michael how did it go in the library thursday night i was unable to go had something to do.

MichaelSheils said...

It's not on until this Thursday 7th