Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wind Of Change

The Wind of Change
January 20/2009
Was a wet cold day in Ireland
But there was something else there
Something in the wind
Something awesome
Something palpable
Trees seemed to bow to the wind
A wind of change
Which blew across the land
A wind with a ghostly rhythm
Which seemed to blow
All the way from Africa
And it was heard to say
Obama! Obama! Obama!
It passed over the Atlantic
And on to Washington
Where it sent a flutter through
The Star Spangled Banner
There multitudes had gathered
Chanting: Obama! Obama! Obama
Yes we can! yes we can!
And I was there in spirit
Carried on the wind
The wind of change
Echoes from history were heard
When Obama laid his hand
On Lincoln's Bible
And the wind of change
Was felt in Guantanamo
Where next?
The Hills of Tora Bora perhaps?
Or maybe Palestine?
The list is endless
Long blow the wind
The wind of change.
Michael ' The Sheriff ' Sheils.

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