Friday, July 4, 2008


What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see an open book, or have you already,
written the pages?
Has the cover made you imagine the content?
Do you see what is in front of you or
what you choose to see?
Ask yourself these questions and
drag the waters some more.
Your mindless conclusions show more of the real
you than they do of those you judge.
Conditioned hate a passed down fate.
You become accustomed to hating
those you do not know.
A senseless view handed down to you,
breathing lies infecting your mind.
Do you say or is it what you have learned to say?
Are these misconceptions your own or are they
inherited from your forefathers and then passed on to
your own children?
Do I see the real you or reflections
of those you illuminate?
No intelligent word ever comes from a racist mouth.
Just words of hate, sadness and pain.
The hate of the unknown, the sadness
of this state of mind and the pain it brings.
When I look at you I see misguided intentions,
pathetic imitations, images of your misinformation.
Whether it be to judge someone for class, colour,
sex or creed only leads to separation.
A divided human race, prejudice the shame of man.

Austin "Ozzy" Sheils
From Austin's book, Stream of Consciousness

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