Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The 5th January was a bitter cold winter's day
as I stood at Pool Boy View.
The waters were heavily swollen.
The seven eyes of Pool Boy Bridge were almost blind.
The six eyes of the Boyne Bridge the same.
And in the middle where the waters meet,
a fierce embrace which seemed to go on for ever.
Whirl pools constantly changing,
moving from side to side,
disappearing and reappearing,
and the sound, oh!, the sound, the gurgling sound.
Like two young lovers lost in the throws of passion.
The Boyne embraces the Black Water.
The two become one.
And as I watched they began to dance.
A mystical dance of nature.
In a mad unstoppable frenzy they clutched at each other.
It was all there : the Twist, the Huckle Buck,
the Siege of Ennis, the Jive, Dirty Dancing,
and the mighty River Dance.
Yes, the mighty River Dance!!
And I thought!,
come the summer they'll be down to a Slow Waltz,
with tiny circles breaking the surface of the water,
where their offspring will hunt for flies.
Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils.

Where the waters meet at Navan

Video taken September 21/ 2008 the day Tyrone beat Kerry in the All Ireland Senior Football Final.

Poolboy Bridge to left where the Blackwater meets the Boyne and the Boyne Bridge to the right which is officially known as the New Bridge.


Frank said...

So that's where they got the idea from. Took some photographs there, hopefully they come out. Posted a short video on "Google Video" called "Beyond This Point" Best regards. FM.

Leona said...

People should read this.